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Name: III

Slab harvested from a fallen Red Oak tree, polyurethane, acrylic

41.25'' x 11.75" x 7.25



We have a tendency to hide the undesirable parts of ourselves, directing others to see our ideal selves while deliberately covering flaws and imperfections. This performance is driven by a distinct consciousness of how we are perceived and triggers the oscillation among different states of self that are presented to the world. 


This sculpture explores the chasm between what we present to others and our fully exposed selves. There are three perspectives to the work, which can be seen as states of self-exposure. Similar to the idea of there being three sides to every story, this presents the idea of three states of the self. Each state presents a deceivingly independent perspective, but the true self lives in the interplay of these absolutes. This interactive sculpture is intended to be viewed distinctly from each side, which then facilitates the perception of the whole. When experiencing one side directly, the others are invisible, yet ever-present. Similarly, the state of self we present to the world influences others' perception of us, while our other selves exist in tandem. These distinct viewing experiences shift the perception of the work in parallel with the shifting states of the self. The first state is the fully gilded side of the work. We present as though every aspect of who we are is our best self - covered in gold. The second state is more revealing, exposing minor flaws - grain, swirls and cracks in the wood - while still hiding the worst of ourselves represented by the gold plated caverns. The third state is the fully exposed self - nodules, holes and cracks all visible. This is the state we often attempt to hide. The final, most accurate view of the piece is seeing each side in consideration of the others. The reality of who we are is not one side or the other but the coexistence of the whole. 

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