artist statement


Integral to my interdisciplinary practice is the investigation of my labor as a constructive act. I am interested in finding ways to process what becomes available when labor is
autonomous, chosen and representative of showing care to a material, subject and concept. I take hold of the realities of communities often spoken of rather than engaged with, combine them with artifacts from my life and use them as tools to illuminate them in public space. A foundational through line in my work across mediums is the abstract 
representation and translation of qualitative and quantitative information through material and process. I have found that abstraction best serves my exploration of subtext and transparency by holding space for nuance. In my growing body of interdisciplinary work, I am continuing to layer these drivers; labor, abstraction and material, to carry conversations of medium and information, forward.



Chantal Barlow is an interdisciplinary artist working in Los Angeles. She has been a working artist for over ten years, beginning her practice in abstract painting and since expanding to comprise several mediums including drawing, sound, sculpture, photography, and installations. In 2014, Barlow concurrently began developing a project focused practice, which is conceptual in nature and the catalyst for her interdisciplinary shift. In all mediums, she focuses on labor as the operator that activates her work as she considers her position to material, audience and subject matter. Her work is conceptually immersive, and seeks to present perspectives and experiences positioned outside of the broader public discourse, for public consideration. She has consistently received international support from curators and collectors alike, having been featured in publications like Huffington Post, The Guardian, Vanity Fair Italy, British Vogue and more. Chantal completed her BA, magna cum laude, in art, at UCLA.

Chantal Barlow