Artist Statement


Chantal is an interdisciplinary Artist whose work is driven by translating the difficult through visual storytelling. She has created dynamic abstractions for well over 10 years that display her mastery of the chemical aspects of acrylic paint and her understanding of its application specific movement. Though her largest body of work features abstract paintings primarily on wood and Portuguese cork, Chantal’s voice has evolved to engage with multiple disciplines to best share her world view.


As a visual storyteller, Barlow takes hold of the realities of communities often spoken of rather than engaged with, combines them with artifacts from her life and uses them as tools to poignantly and beautifully illuminate them in the public space. Her approach is thoughtful, measured and personal to carve space for the quiet intimacy of self reflection and place making in relation to the work. 

Chantal Barlow



Chantal Barlow is an interdisciplinary artist working in Los Angeles. Heavily influenced by her family history and travels, especially her time in Portugal with her mother's family, Barlow has used her life experience as the catalyst for her artwork, particularly for her visual storytelling projects. She absorbs the worlds she experiences and related tactile materials and merges them in her work to promote discourse and questioning of our perceptions. Her primary body of work, abstract paintings on wood and Portuguese cork, are informed by her understanding of and experimentation with the chemical components of acrylic paint and other materials for over 15 years. 


As she continues to push her practice forward, Chantal has expanded her artistic breadth into the multidisciplinary space with immersive project based artwork that inhabits whatever form she feels best delivers her intentions and desired impact. Barlow has developed prowess in emotional visual storytelling that deliberately uses multiple sources of inspiration and symbolic physical tools that reinforce the message. Such works include Who Will Catch Them When They Fall? and Unconventional Apology Project, which is her largest scale work to date and her most internationally covered, respectively. Barlow has consistently found international support from curators and collectors alike, having been featured in digital and print publications like Huffington Post, The Guardian, Vanity Fair Italy, British Vogue and more. 


Chantal continues to facilitate the Unconventional Apology Project, a portrait and interview series giving voice to survivors of domestic abuse. She is routinely releasing portraits and interviews one at a time on UnconventionalApology.com, but will also have a culminating immersive exhibit and documentary when the series is completed. 


Chantal is completing her BA in studio art at UCLA and is currently represented by PARISTEXASLA.