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 A selection of feedback from collectors 

"Chantal Barlow is a very talented and creative artist!   I have had the pleasure to work with her on an interior design project,  and I would highly recommend her to any one who loves abstract art.  Her work is deep and moving.  Her style is completely unique; each piece takes your breath away!  She gives her all and has a vast variety of color usage as well as creating pieces on wood to give extra depth to her outstanding original pieces. As an interior designer when I give her a color plan of furnishings and style, she comes up with original art that add to focal points in the room. I definitely plan on using her services on future projects.  I would highly recommend this gifted artist!"


Berni Greene, AISD. Los Angeles, CA


"In the last 30 years I have become an aficionado of art and interior design and constantly look for those one-of-a-kind art pieces that can be the focal point or conversation piece for your home. Whether you prefer cool, clean modern lines, minimalistic, vibrant eclectic, modern, warm traditional, transitional, old world, cottage, or any other style, when it comes to art I always recommend choosing pieces that make you happy and have personal meaning to you. I have come to love and collect many wonderful pieces of art, but what I love so much about Chantal’s masterfully-crafted abstract paintings is this intense ‘global flair’ that immediately speaks to you. Chantal’s paintings transcend a certain warm familiarity yet there is bountiful mystique and movement leaving spectators marveling at the immense beauty of her creations. You feel personally touched and connected through her art. I have acquired several paintings and have been pleased beyond words with Chantal’s exquisite and unique abstract art. Whether your space is a cozy and intimate room or sprawling luxurious mansion, Chantal’s custom-created paintings will be the sophisticated focal point elevating your sanctuary into an haute chic and artful experience.“


M. Rocha. Lisbon, Portugal 



"There are few things in life more breathtaking than Earths’ spectacular natural wonders. If you ever have had the opportunity to be transported and mesmerized in your travels across the beauty of the lands, countries, continents, and oceans, then you may have experienced a visual feast that will touch the inner depths of your soul. It is rare to find such a gifted artist like Chantal whose stunningly beautiful abstract paintings magically translate this visual feast between heaven and Earth while captivating your most inner core. Once I was fortunate enough to discover Chantal’s art and impressive body of work, I was compelled to commission two very large paintings for my personal home. Since prominently displaying these spectacular large abstract paintings, everyone who has come by to visit has been completely enchanted and deeply moved by her ethereal paintings. Chantal’s unique universal approach makes her art infinitely timeless, borderless, and spiritually uplifting. I feel so blessed to be able to own and display these stunningly-beautiful masterpieces that bring me endless joy and happiness. "


Private Collection. Fine Art Collector & Globe Trotter



"I am the honored recipient of an original by Chantal Barlow.  Not long after losing my father to a tragic accident, I was in need of something reassuring and commissioned Chantal for a piece, which she graciously presented me with not long after.  This piece brought such serenity to my heart at a time that needed it most.  When I received it I was in awe that this beauty was for me and no one else out there would have one like it!  To this day I look at it with such gratitude, knowing that so much love was poured into it, all directed at me.  My partner and I proudly have it framed and displayed above our bed.  It is what we see everyday entering our bedroom and I catch myself glancing up at it while in bed to capture just a glimmer of the love Chantal radiates.   To own a piece of art by Chantal Barlow is to have a morsel of her heart in your home."

S. Argall. Austin, TX

"I finally received my custom piece from Chantal Barlow. I am absolutely amazed by her ability to change a room with her work. She came down personally and helped figure out where to place it. Needless to say my recording studio has taken on the personality of the piece. It's always nice to have major recording artist come in and be floored by my work. Now it seems they can't stop talking about the huge painting on my wall. I have been a collector and admirer of art for the last seven yrs. I will say I'm more attached to this particular piece than any other. Thank you Chantal for allowing me to be apart of your history. The world should get very familiar with this brilliant mind."

J Bynum. Los Angeles, CA

"I was drawn to “Cousins II” texture immediately. I love the juxtapose of how the colors used create a calming, mellow feeling and the texture of the wood balances out that feeling with it's "roughness."  But not so rough that I want to stand back. When I first saw your paintings, I immediately touched them.  I love that your paintings are whatever I perceive them to be, providing me with the free expression of my feelings, thoughts, and ideas...thus, allowing me to be creative in my own space. I am always mindful to keep a balance of softness and edginess in my apartment.  Again, I love juxtapose and your painting fits right in with its soft pink colors and rough texture. And it's not just the wood that creates the juxtapose, it's the contrast of light and dark colors used as well. I often find myself staring at your painting and reflecting.  It's a therapeutic medium for me. This is my first piece of original artwork from an artist; I was incredibly taken a back (to the point of tears!!). I love abstract art, I love art that evokes a reaction out of me, I love art that I can reflect upon, I love art that is juxtapose.

​“Noite”, the painting I purchased for my mom is phenomenal; something about the way in which you used those colors makes it hard for me to look away from it; the yellow draws me in so much.  I cannot wait to see her reaction to it.  For some reason I feel like that painting is meant for her.  It's strong and beautiful, and is very magnetic.  Much like my mom, so maybe that's why I chose it for her.

You’re a pleasure! I love that you bring the artwork to me; I love receiving pieces from your hands and sharing the experience of having you and the art in my home at the same time.  It makes it more meaningful to me."

S. Hammoudeh Psy. D., Los Angeles, CA

"No purchase has been as challenging for me as buying a Chantal Barlow abstract painting on wood. Her collection is extraordinarily vast and the diversity of her techniques and color palate make it impossible to choose one! After much viewing of her portfolio on her website, seeing the piece in her exhibit and examining a few in my home, I was able to make a decision. I have a piece of her work in my home office, where I get lost in the density of the textures and colors she's used. Her paintings consistently pull me in, allowing me to detach from all thoughts aside from what lives in the piece. She's told me that she sheds her emotions and thoughts onto her wooden canvas, and I am able to do the same as a viewer. It really is a source of meditative space for me.

What's even more exciting is Chantal's humility about her work. I can tell creating rejuvenates her and that she is thankful for that space. Purchasing a piece from her was an absolute pleasure. She is professional, yet very human and jovial. I plan on acquiring another piece to compliment the first, sometime in the near future."

T. Lyons, MBA. Los Angeles, CA

"I saw Chantal’s exhibit at the Artwalk in Downtown LA and liked what I saw. After I left, I looked on her website, I selected five other paintings that I considered for purchase, but was ultimately most touched by “In the Morning.” Seeing it in person only reaffirmed that. The piece felt familiar, similar to meeting someone new but feeling you have met them before. Once I saw her on the wall, I couldn’t shake it. Some things won’t be ignored. Having "In the Morning" in my space has brought a new energy to my home. I often look at it and feel or see something new each time. Chantal came to my house to show me the paintings I was considering for my dining room. Once I made my selection, she offered to hang the piece on the wall. Knowing that the actual artist mounted the painting its new home, makes it all the more sweet. It was great conducting business with her. I really am in love with this painting. Thanks, again, for working with me."

Private Collection.  Los Angeles, CA

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