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REST | Freedom You Can Feel


Vinyl poster. 6'H x 4'W.

Can we rest? This piece was inspired by years of experiencing and witnessing the invisible labor of Black women, a 24 hour job of considering others ahead of (her)self. The idea is a take on these outdated “inspiration” posters seen in break rooms encouraging employees to self-generate growth and improvement. The women I know work above and beyond their colleagues only to receive less pay, recognition and respect. I also wanted to bring Black culture to the forefront, which is why you see her in her bonnet - common in the culture and an act of self-care but not often shown in public, robe and no makeup - markers of being done with the often performative work of the day. The physical work is on a 6’H x 4’W vinyl banner. My vision was for this to feel like a billboard - a Black woman, large scale—as herself, for herself. We don’t see enough of that.


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