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Commissioning Artwork

Have you seen a piece in my collection that resonates with, but it isn’t the right size, the colors aren’t complementary for your space, or any other reason that would deter you from purchasing a piece?

I have a solution - commissioned work. Though, I cannot duplicate the original, I can create a piece that is similar in feeling, texture, color palate, and overall character.

Get started by answering these questions:

1.  What size will work for your space?
2.  What is your preferred color palate?
3.  Are you drawn to a particular piece(s) in the collection?
4.  When would you like to have the completed artwork?
5.  What's your budget?

Still figuring out the details? Have some questions about what's possible? Don't be shy! I am happy to help you further develop your ideas of what you'd like in a commissioned piece. To get the process started, go to the contact page and write "Make it Mine!" in the subject line to express your interest and I will work with you directly to create the perfect piece.

The compensation for commissioned work is negotiated at the time you decide to move forward with the purchase. There is a 50% deposit due with the order and the balance becomes due when the artwork has been completed to your satisfaction. Timing will be established before the project gets underway.

*Please note it takes a minimum of 3 weeks for a commissioned piece to be completed once an order is placed. Each piece needs ample time to cure in order to be safe for transport.

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